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Out there in the business world, there is always a risk of loss. For some industries and businesses, that level of risk is high, while for others, it is not.

Is yours a risky business? Have you been rejected an account because of that and been labeled by credit processors as a 'high-risk merchant'? Even if that is the case, fret not. There is not a thing to worry about if you are careful.

Although there are many agencies out there that are waiting to manipulate you, you can ensure that you are not fooled. A high-risk merchant always has too much to lose. He walks a thin line that has sharks at one end that are ready to devour his money by charging a lot and at the other, we are there.

In times of need, people often make the wrong decisions in the heat of the moment. This ultimately leads them to further trouble. To save you all this headache, we are here to aid you. Our company is one you can trust. As we provide reliable services and we are not the sort to break our customer's trust.

Online merchants

This is the age of e-commerce and we are a company that stays up to date. We provide high-end online merchant services to high-risk merchants. Our online payment gateway lets you accept credit cards and electronic checks and deposit funds automatically into your merchant bank account.

There are no rolling reserve requirements, which means you can go on processing normally without any portion of your credit card volume being held back.

Apart from payment gateways, our services also include virtual terminals, ACH processing, check drafting and other services. Our payment processing is for major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex.

We have a wide range of solutions for you. Our aim is to build up your profits and save you from fraud. We are adamant at keeping deceptive agencies at bay that aim at looting you of your hard-earned money. You can trust us with your data as we are devoted to keeping it secure. Our first priority is the success of your business.

Denied by other credit card processors?

If you are a high-risk merchant, you know the struggle of being denied by several payment processors again and again. It gets difficult to even keep count of how many times you have been declined.

Many credit card processors aren't willing to accept you because of the risks you drag along with yourself. This is because the relation between a credit card processor and a high-risk merchant is that of a dangerous nature. Any harm to your business is harm to them too.

In a situation like this, a high-risk merchant is willing to take up any one who offers help. In this process, he gets duped. Our company is here to save you the trouble. We will not deny you, cut you off, or deceive you. We don't want to eat up your credit; rather, our aim is to help you make more.

Our fees and rates aren’t skyrocketing digits as well. They do, however, vary according to the sort of setup you are. We provide through multiple underwriting banks. We have expertise, experience, and efficiency on our side when it comes to underwriting.

Our payment solutions include PayPal and First Data. This means your problems are solved by such providers that keep your interests first.

Are you a new business?

If you are new to this game, we are here to help you. Our sole aim is to guide you and get you on your feet without you running into the arms of unreliable companies.

You are new in this field and find yourself confused as to whom to trust. There are many providers out there, but the majority of them are all up for charging you high fees for poor services. It's like having a bad credit score. It gets difficult to find trustworthy agencies willing to invest in you because of how risky it would be. In times like these, you are desperate.

Fraudulent companies constantly charge you more through chargebacks. You can rely on us. We are here to provide you our services at good rates and help you evolve into a better version of yourself. We help you get steady. It, however, depends on the level of risk of your business. Our services would be excellent regardless, but the fees may vary.

The application process is easy and simple and no signatures are required. Whether you are a new corporation or an existing one, we keep you at ease. Our company is loyal and honest with the best services out there. Also, there are no setup fees.

Our domestic and offshore services

We provide both domestic as well as offshore services. Domestic accounts are provided better security at lower rates. Unlike other companies, we do not keep picking on your credit. We help with the best services and we protect you from fraud.

However, offshore accounts are necessary for some business types. We provide offshore services as well. In this case, we make sure you are provided the best of the best services. We have an offshore network so that we can offer efficient services to a wide range of industries that have been declined accounts elsewhere. With us, you are in safe hands and sure to make profits quickly. With our e-commerce services, we aid online merchants. The rates are higher than for a domestic account, but there is no compromise when it comes to services.

Here at our company, you are provided a diverse era of services at great rates. We are a one stop for all your merchant account needs.





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