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Merchant Account credit card processing for the Hemp and MMJ industry. Have you ever been told to get out of your comfortable couch to get something very unnecessary from the departmental store? Of course it has. That actually happens a lot and can be a major mood killer. J

Just for something that might not be of any importance to you, you have to kill your comfort, get out of your humble abode and destroy your peace of mind. Yes, that can be tough. However, when there’s no one to understand you, technology does. That’s right! Now all it takes to get something that you might need are just few taps on the smartphone screen.

That, my friend, is the beauty of Ecommerce. There’s no denying the fact that the E-commerce industry has completely revolutionized the way you shop. It’s getting easier for you to change the way you shop. The best thing about the ecommerce industry is that it allows you to set up your own personal merchant account online for your business to prosper. Opening up an E-commerce store isn’t that hard of a job at all and with a merchant account you can say goodbye to all your finance problems. For most huge businesses, merchant accounts are a must. For businesses that are widespread and have a huge clientele list, we provide excellent we provide the best services and get accounts set up with no additional charges. In addition to that, we provide cost effective services that are unmatched in the market.

Online Merchants

Some businesses that somehow only exist online due to their work module need such merchant accounts the most. Cannabis CBD MMJ HEMP 420 Retailers are easily on top of the list when it comes to such businesses. Cannabis CBD MMJ HEMP 420 Retailers work solely for the prosperity of medicinal cannabis usage and have a huge consumer list that is satisfied with the services. Setting up an E-Commerce store is helpful for the business and through an online merchant account, the payment gateway becomes very secure. Each time a customer buys Cannabis CBD MMJ HEMP 420 product is purchased through an online transaction, the money charged goes straight to the retailer’s merchant account. This might sound easy for most businesses but certainly not for Cannabis related business owners and let us elaborate on why exactly that is so.

Denied by Card Owners?

The Medical Cannabis Retail industry often suffers denial from the hands of native card processes. Due to conflicts with the federal and international law, card owners often step back when it comes to provide services to anyone related to this industry and that can become hard on such businesses.

As a Cannabis CBD MMJ HEMP 420 Retailers, getting a proper merchant account setup is very important. This is one of the many reasons why retailers move towards the second best option and that’s online card providers such as Paypal, Skrill and many more. However, due to state of the industry and the state/international laws, Cannabis CBD MMJ HEMP 420 Retailers is termed a high risk business which is why most card providers hesitate on providing the business with little or no services at all. Most retailers are provided with either an immediate rejection on the application or are provided the services at first and then are shut off completely. Why does this happen though? This basically happens because most of these services are low-risk credit card providers. Traditional banks and credit card providers like to play it safe and don’t want to get in any sort of trouble which is why many businesses suffer huge losses. Imagine getting a merchant account setup, spending a fortune on a Cannabis CBD MMJ HEMP 420 product to make it successful and when you finally start to earn through your merchant account, your low risk credit card provider shuts it down. This can even lead to complete disaster of a successful business which is the case for Cannabis CBD MMJ HEMP 420 Retailers.

So, what exactly can be done to save yourself from the horrors of low risk card providers? Getting yourself the services of high risk credit card providers. High risk credit card and high risk merchant account service providers have world class risk management systems allowing your Cannabis CBD MMJ HEMP 420 business to be completely safe when it comes to transactions. So, why not just revert to such services in the first attempt? Well, such High Risk Merchant Account providers give you the best payment gateway services without fearing for your risky business, but they charge way too much for these services. This is one of the many reasons why Cannabis CBD MMJ HEMP 420 Retailers revert to Low-Risk Card Processors as they charge fairly less for their services but in the end move on to demolish your business’s financial situation.

Domestic and Offshore Options

We provide top quality High Risk Merchant account services in town and are known worldwide for our services. What sets us apart? We care for your business! We provide you with excellent services and that too at the excellent prices. From top notch payment gateway solutions to payment processing and management solutions, we provide it all at the best price and we do all this with no setup fees.

Since some of these state and universal laws in the United States abide us from providing you with high risk merchant accounts, we also provide you offshore account options that allow your high risk business to prosper without facing any problems whatsoever. With a clear cut application process and mind blowing charges, we’re just what you need to get your business on the road. For Cannabis CBD MMJ HEMP 420 Retailers that are just starting out, getting themselves a merchant account can be a pain. Not with us as we focus on getting you the payment gateway that you deserve. Reach us today to inquire for a merchant account.





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