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We live in a time where life is busy and advancements in various aspects of life are rampant. In this evolving era, new technologies are being introduced every passing day, while the cheap mail order and telephone order (MOTO) businesses are becoming obsolete.

These systems were very common when the credit card was first introduced. If a technology becomes obsolete, it also becomes vulnerable and many new flaws come up because of lower research and development in that area. In addition, people stop using it and switch to the latest trends.

However, this is not the case with cheapest MOTO as there are a lot of solutions in order to help the merchants who are still using mail order low rates MOTO as a medium of transaction. The merchants who still use MOTO have a lot of hard work to do i.e. they have to enter the transaction information manually instead of swiping a card to perform a transaction in a jiffy. There is a lot of risk involved in a cheapest low fees MOTO transaction due to mail-order fraud. Due to the severity of the risk and manual work, the MOTO merchants pay higher fees per transaction than usual. The most common workaround for MOTO merchants is a virtual terminal that makes their life a whole lot easier.

The virtual terminal allows the retailer to make a transaction by entering information of the customer and customer's card number. The work of a virtual terminal is to process all the transactions remotely by means of an internet connection over a secure network. The virtual terminal is an automated program which can process payments securely and remotely. It can also store transaction information for future billing purposes. It can also be used to set up recurring billing schedules and generate customer invoices for record keeping. However, it depends on the company which is providing the services for a virtual terminal to charge firms differently depending on the nature of their business.

What do we have to offer?

Our company has been providing services for 14 years to small and large scale businesses for merchant services. We've helped different companies expand their business by providing them with solutions for credit card processing services. We also have the unique privilege to provide specific services regarding mail order and telephone order to different merchants. Whether you need a commercial off-the-shelf program or solutions regarding payment gateways and virtual terminals, our team is competent enough to provide you with the necessary tools to meet your demands.

You can have all the features of a physical terminal in a software solution. Our software solution will provide you with a secure, encrypted virtual terminal. You can keep track of the transactions and manage them by assigning an administrator. You can use reporting tools for real-time receipt generation. This software can also be integrated with mostly all shopping carts.

When you are going for a Card Not Present (CNP) merchant account, you should decide whether it has the potential to fulfill your business needs or not. One benefit of having a merchant MOTO account from us is that it can accept credit card payments by manually entering the credit card number in the payment gateway provided with the virtual terminal. There is a permanent solution for qualifying merchants with no extra or hidden charges that is known as the instabill – and this is definitely something we can help you out with.

We provide the customer with 24/7 customer support and technical support. There are no setup charges or processing fee as it is all free of cost. The contract is renewed every month and there is no late or cancellation fee. Our company provides you with a 2-year guarantee for credit card processing. We have partnered with almost all well-known payment gateway providers so that you can continue using the same virtual terminal with seamless integration.

Online Merchants for MOTO

Our company’s primary aim is to build customer loyalty and lengthen the customer’s stay with our company. We try our level best to deliver superior services compared to competitors in the region. We go to the extremes to make sure that our customers’ expectations are fulfilled to the best of our abilities and for that, this is how we have got you covered:

  • As a MOTO retailer, you will be receiving calls from clients who will tell their credit card information to you. After collecting the information, you will enter that in the virtual terminal manually. The next thing you do is use the address management system to verify the address. This is used to test the authenticity of the user.

  • There will be a remote connection between the merchant's terminal and the company's processor. For further verification, once both terminals are connected, the merchant will be able to receive information regarding the authenticity of the customer and credit card verification.

  • The next step will be to make sure the company's processor passes the information to the bank if the transaction is suspicious. It is the responsibility of the bank to verify details of the transaction and merchant information from its sources.

  • After the bank is done with the verification process, it has to respond to the company’s processor.

  • The message to accept or reject the transaction is sent to the merchant which also gets an approval number along with a receipt to be set aside for record-keeping purposes. This process will be completed within 10-12 seconds.

  • This is the last step of the transaction and the retailer will be free from the transaction. This step is known as the settlement process and the bank is liable to process the transaction and transfer the deposits.

If you are interested in the features that we offer for MOTO accounts, then make sure that you get in touch with us right away!





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