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A pc tech support merchant account is a specific account through which the entire payment process is computerized. This involves automation of receiving a credit card, verification, and transfer of money from the customer to the company's account.

Credit Card Processing For Tech

Since we live in an era marked by digitalization, it comes as no surprise that the corporate world has incorporated digitalization into its operational activities. Firms are now providing their customers with an option of paying through credit cards in person, online, or via mail to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This measure helps increase customer satisfaction and leads to high customer retention.

Firms offering a remote tech support, virus scan, malware removal service are online businesses for whom having a merchant account is a necessity. This is because such businesses have online operations and interact with their customers virtually. With such a client base, it is natural that the clients will prefer paying online since it is convenient and more secure to do so.

We are here to provide you with a lucrative offer. By opening a merchant account for our company, you will be avoiding the application cost and will simultaneously be provided with a secure merchant account at a reasonable rate.

Online merchant accounts

Businesses that provide a computer support download service are primarily based online. This is because you will capture an insignificant market share by approaching individuals physically. By using the online network, you are likely to reach a larger proportion of the target market. Therefore, pc tech support firms operate and hold transactions online. For this purpose, you will require a reliable online merchant account.

To make the transaction process as fast and easy as possible, we provide you with safe virtual terminals and gateways which are very easy to install. Our terminals allow credit card processing from various credit card processors including Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and Amex.

With the help of our merchant accounts, you will be able to provide your customers with the option of paying via electronic checks and credit cards. Such a measure will prove to be safer and more convenient for your clients. Such value-added services would increase the likelihood of recurring customers.

Moreover, tech-savvy individuals are likely to constitute a large segment of your market. To cater to such people, our company provides apps on both iPhone and Android devices, which allow customers to pay via their mobile devices.

Overall, with the help of our online merchant service, your customers will be provided with a convenient mode of payment.

Denied service from other credit card processors?

Has any credit card processor denied you service? Are you having trouble finding a credit card processor? You don't need to worry. Our company offers high-risk businesses with merchant accounts too.

Local banks and credit card processors have strict underwritings which they follow when deciding whether to approve or reject a business's request for an account. Such underwritings include determining whether a business carries high or low risk.

If your business carries high risk, credit card processors like PayPal, Stripe, and First Data may deny you their service. For a credit card processor, a business with a history of bad debt and chargebacks is considered to be a high-risk one.

If you are such a business, we have a solution for you. We deal with high-risk merchant accounts and have an extensive network of underwriting banks which will provide you with a safe terminal to carry out your transactions.

By opening a merchant account with our company, you will save time which you previously spent trying to find a credit card processor.

Our rates for the transactions may differ from one business to another. The rates are contingent on the risk involved. Furthermore, factors including a history of bad credit will be scrutinized when deciding on a price.

Merchant account for startups

Are you a novice in the field of virus scan and removal service? Have you just established your firm? Are you on the brink of starting your corporation? If so, opening a merchant account should be the first step you take.

A malware removal service is mainly an online business. It is a given that customers will expect you to accept online payments. If you do not offer such a service, you are likely to curtail your demand and lose your customers. Why? It is because most firms in the industry are providing this service. Therefore, to avoid losses and retain customers, it is a wise decision to invest in a merchant account. Not only will it be convenient, but you will also be able to cater to an international market.

Considering that startups avoid huge investments, you should opt for a merchant account which has no application fees.

Since our company doesn't charge application or setup fees and doesn't have a rolling reserve requirement, you will find our merchant accounts to be a practical option. While many banks will deny you their services based on lack of history, we will be happy to take you onboard.

Domestic and offshore accounts

Our domestic accounts are available at lower rates and are more secure than offshore accounts. This is because offshore accounts are exposed to the risk of frauds.

However, we understand that software download firms require offshore accounts to interact with customers from all over the world. Furthermore, such accounts allow high-risk businesses to enjoy lax standards and help them gain a financial advantage.

By partnering with banks overseas, we aim to provide our clients with reliable offshore accounts at an affordable rate.


Opening a merchant account is a necessity for firms providing a software download service. Whether you are a well-established company or a startup, we are here to provide you with affordable and secure merchant accounts.

Make the right decision today and let us help you in retaining your customers. If you cater to their need for convenience and security, they are more likely to turn to you the next time they require software. Let us help you build profitable and sustainable customer relationships.





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