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The corporate world as we know it is undergoing a digital transformation. More and more companies are setting up online stores for their products. This guarantees them a share of the customers who prefer online shopping. However, the process of making online transactions is not just limited to products.

Services like financial advisory and consultation too are now moving towards an online mode of operation. Why? Well, to retain customers, you need to provide them with a convenient way of availing your services.

With an increasing demand for online mode of transaction, our company is here to offer you the service of a merchant account. Whether you have just started your financial advisory or consultancy company or have been in the business for years, our merchant accounts will help make transactions with your customers a piece of cake. You don't have to worry about keeping tabs on the cash you receive on hand. Whether your customers pay via a credit card or an electronic check, the said amount will be debited to your merchant account.

Let us deal with the cash processors, and you focus on providing a service and receiving your payment.

Online merchant accounts

To facilitate transactions and ease the process of making payments for your clients, our company provides advisories and consultancies with online merchant accounts. This not only enhances efficiency in receiving cash but also ensures that you neither have to wait for physical checks nor have to go through the hassle of going to the bank to cash in the concerned checks. This activity allows for a smooth inflow and outflow of cash at all times.

Furthermore, the lack of application and setup fees makes our company an attractive option amongst many firms. Added to this, the lack of a rolling reserve requirement gives an incentive to high-risk businesses to use our service.

If you rely on an online mode of transaction, our company is here to offer you with a lucrative service. Our payment gateway setup allows your clients to pay via electronic checks and credit cards from deposit firms. Our payment processors include American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Visa, etc.

All in all, with the help of our online merchant service, your customers will be provided with multiple options for making a payment. Whether your clients are using credit cards or electronic checks or are situated in a country other than your mode of operation, our payment processing service allows them to avail your service.

Denied service from other credit card processors?

Credit card processors may deny you their service if they deem your firm to be a high-risk business. Such credit card processors may include PayPal, Stripe, First Data, and many others. If the card or customer is not present at the time of sale i.e. the transaction is purely virtual, the firm is said to be a high-risk business because the chances of a chargeback and default are higher.

However, financial advisories and consultancies are known to build long-lasting relations with their customers. Therefore, the chances of chargebacks are minimal. Still, credit card processors may deny or close your account.

If you are facing such an issue or are a high-risk firm, you don't need to worry. Our online merchant accounts will help you avoid these issues because we will provide you all these services. You don't have to spend your energy and time trying to look for a credit card processor. Moreover, you will not be constrained by a reserve requirement. However, our rates for conducting the transaction may vary depending on the risk involved. Factors like risk and history of bad credit will be analyzed when setting up a rate.

Merchant accounts for startups

As the corporate world expands, the demand for financial advisors has also spiked. This is because not everyone is capable of dealing with financial matters. Rather than investing a huge sum of money in developing the financial department within a company, many companies are outsourcing financial work to consultancies. The presence of a virtual bridge has led to an increase in the outsourcing of such jobs.

At such a time, it is not surprising that many startups are trying to gain their footing in the financial advisory and consultancy sector. If you are a newly established consultancy, the first step you should take is set up a merchant account. Why? Because it will ensure a smooth transaction process and help you establish a profitable firm.

There are some things you should consider when setting up your merchant account. You first need to decide whether your company has high risk or low risk attached to it. Then you need to look for merchant accounts which do not charge you any application cost. This is because a startup should save as much money as it can.

Our company doesn't require any application or setup fees and, therefore, is an ideal choice for newly established advisories and consultancies.

Domestic and offshore options

In many businesses, one may not be required to set up an offshore account. However, in the case of financial advisories and consultancies, the risk attached may be very high. The cost attached with the high risk prevents advisories from setting up domestic merchant accounts. By setting up an offshore account, such companies can enjoy relaxed terms and standards.

However, a firm should try to look for a domestic option because of the heightened security and lower rates attached to it. Offshore accounts, on the other hand, are usually charged a higher rate.


Currently, merchant accounts are a value-added service that can help financial advisories and consultancies in building relations with their customers. However, as the word becomes more and more digitalized, sooner or later, merchant accounts will become a necessity. By adopting this mode of payment before others, you will stand out.

Let us help you in satisfying your customers and dealing with the hassle of accepting transactions while you deliver quality service. Give our company a chance, and you will not be disappointed.





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