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We specialize in finding long-term solutions for offshore merchant accounts. We provide expertise in placing both domestic and offshore merchant accounts and can help each merchant decide which is best for them; however, depending on the type of goods or services provided, often times an offshore merchant account makes the most sense.

What is an offshore merchant account? Simply put, an offshore merchant account is one that is established outside of a merchant’s country of residence.

USA Payment specializes in domestic and offshore merchant accounts for companies that are, based on a number of factors, considered non-traditional, hard to place, or most commonly “high risk”. Our business model allows us to find you the best service, most competitive fees, and a partner that understands the specific needs of your business. We help merchants decide which merchant account is right for them, regardless of what they have in place today or whether they are a start-up company looking for its first merchant account.

We take the time to get it right:

Offshore merchant account - takes time

Our goal is to get you set up and running as quickly as possible, sometimes within 48 hours. Most high risk companies  will benefit in the long term from an in-depth review of their business and transaction types to find a solution that is best-suited for their needs. Making a decision based on speed alone can have negative long-term implications such as improper set-up, additional costs/reserves and loss or disruption of service.

We pay attention:

Offshore merchant account - Takes attention

We believe that the attention to detail and customized solutions are what separates USA Payment from its competitors and defines us as a high risk and offshore merchant account specialist.

We know the offshore merchant account market:

Offshore merchant accounts - specialized market

USA Payment has relationships with more than 25 high risk domestic and offshore merchant account partners. We know each of their strengths and we will match you with the best processor for your situation, typically within one business day.

We explore all options:

Offshore merchant account with USA Payment - many options

We have significant domestic (US) relationships and will explore both domestic and offshore merchant accounts as part of our review, provide you with the best options, and offer our recommendation. With more than 25 partners specializing in high risk domestic and offshore merchant accounts, finding the right solution for you is what we’re all about.



Examples of merchant types that tend to benefit from an offshore merchant account include, but are not limited to: online pharmaceuticals, online gaming, some adult products/services, sports books, and some tobacco-related products.

Please keep in mind that when available, it often times makes sense to use a domestic rather than an offshore merchant account. Contact us using our ‘Request A Proposal’ button below and our experts will help you decide as part of our process at no charge.  

What information is needed to open an offshore merchant account? This is determined by several factors, including industry type, products/services sold, as well as others. Don’t worry, our experts will walk you through the entire process and make it as simple as possible. 

USA Payment specializes in credit card, ACH, Check 21, and other payment processing for adult, gaming, pharmaceutical, TMF, damaged credit, high volume, and many other hard to place or high risk merchant accounts. We have the ability to place both domestic and offshore merchant accounts. For online merchants, we can provide a payment gateway or use yours. For retail merchants, we offer many options including our free point of sale systems.


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