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As the corporate world slowly moves towards automation and digitalization, it comes as no surprise that merchant accounts are gradually becoming a requirement. A merchant account is a specific account which automates the entire payment process.

A merchant account is a specific account which automates the entire payment process. This involves computerization of the process of receiving credit cards, verifying them, and transferring money from the customer's account to the company's account. Such accounts are also becoming a necessity for ticketing agencies and brokers.

Nowadays, standing in line for buying a ticket has become somewhat obsolete. People now value convenience and would rather buy their ticket online. This act avoids the hassle of waiting in line or traveling huge distances.

If you are a ticket broker or selling event tickets, you should consider opening a merchant account. Such a step will help you cater to a larger customer base. Furthermore, since a variety of brokers are already providing the service for online payment, you will lose market share and potential sales if you do not open a merchant account.

Our company is here to offer you with a good proposition. By opening a merchant account within our company, you will successfully avoid paying application and setup cost. You will concurrently be provided with a secure merchant account at an affordable rate.

Online merchant accounts

There was a time when people stood in long lines in front of a ticket counter to book or buy tickets. People traveled miles, or sometimes across cities, just to see a specific show and often faced disappointment as they waited for hours in a line only to see the "Sold Out" sign being inserted just as their turn was about to come. So close, yet so far.

As technology progressed, many ticketing agencies started operating online. Such an act is feasible and convenient for both the customers and the brokers.

However, when operating online, one needs to offer various modes of payment to the customers. This is because not everyone uses the same kind of credit card or electronic payment method. Some may prefer electronic checks, while others would want to pay via their MasterCard.

Our merchant account provides you and your customers with a variety of options. We make the payment process as fast as possible via our safe virtual terminals and our easy-to-install gateways. Our accounts allow for a smooth transaction through a variety of processors including Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and Amex.

Our company also targets tech-savvy individuals by providing apps on both iPhone and Android mobiles. This allows customers to pay via their phone, an act which further adds to customer satisfaction.

Overall, with the help of our online merchant service, we vow to provide your customers with a convenient mode of payment.

Denied service from other credit card processors?

If you are a ticketing agency, there is a high probability that you have been or will be denied service from various credit card processors including PayPal, Stripe, and First Data. This is because credit card processors have strict underwritings they follow when deciding whether to accept or reject a company’s request to open an account. These underwritings include determining whether the enterprise carries high or low risk.

Mostly, ticketing agencies and brokers are considered to be a high-risk business. For a credit card processor, a high-risk business is one where the frequency of chargebacks and bad debts are high.

If you are a ticketing agency looking for a credit card processor that will take you, don't make the wrong decision of choosing just about anyone. Ensure that the processor you choose offers the services you require.

Our company might just be the solution you are looking for. We will be happy to take you onboard. With the help of our partnerships with underwriting banks, we will provide you with a secure terminal to carry out your sales.

Save your time and energy, and open a merchant account with us. Let us take care of the hassle of the payment process. Our rates to carry out your transaction will depend upon the risk involved and on your history of bad debt. However, rest assured that we will provide you with an affordable service.

Merchant account for startups

Do you think that opening a ticketing agency will be a profitable venture? Have you recently started your own event ticketing company? If so, the first step you should take is to open a merchant account.

Ticketing agency and brokers deal with their clients online. Therefore, it is a given that customers will expect you to accept online payments. If you are a startup, you will have immense difficulty in finding a credit card processor. This is because not only is a ticketing agency a high-risk business, but a startup is also considered a riskier business due to its lack of history.

If you are having trouble finding a merchant account, don't worry. Not only do we offer accounts for high-risk businesses at a reasonable rate, but we also don't charge a setup fee or require a rolling reserve requirement. For a startup where saving every penny counts, you won't get a better offer than this.

Domestic and offshore options

We offer both domestic and offshore accounts. While domestic accounts are both cheaper and more secure, we understand that for a ticketing agency business, an offshore account may be a requirement.

This is because offshore accounts enjoy relaxed standards and terms compared to a domestic account. Moreover, to cater to an international customer base, you need offshore accounts to carry out transactions.

By building an extensive network of overseas banks, we will provide you with reliable offshore accounts at an affordable price.


With the option of various types of accounts, we vow to serve our customers in the best possible way. We are here to provide you with all the services you need at an affordable rate. Let us take care of the hassle of the payment process, while you focus on providing a quality service and catering to an ever-increasing customer base.





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