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USA Payment, LLC


Whether you are a start-up business weighing your options, a storefront in need of better technology or lower rates, or a high risk/high volume merchant looking for better terms, USA Payment is here to help.


We will analyze your current fees, the types of transactions you process and the way in which they are processed. Our goal here is not to pressure you into expensive new equipment sales or high-cost leases. In many cases, we can provide you with equipment at no charge that will handle your transactions more effectively; or, we can use what you have today. It’s up to you!


After your free consultation and analysis, we will develop a solution best-suited to your needs. Why do we do so much at no charge? Frankly, we strive to exceed customers’ expectations and by doing so, we are rewarded with referrals and long-term relationships. Contact us today and give us a few minutes of your time to let us show you what makes us the only payment partner you’ll over need.
USA Payment specializes in credit card and other payment processing for adult, gaming, pharmaceutical, TMF, damaged credit, high volume, and many other hard to place or high risk merchant accounts. We have the ability to place merchant accounts domestically (U.S.), as well as offshore. For online merchants, we can provide a payment gateway or use yours. For retail merchants, we offer many options including our free point of sale systems. Merchant accounts are important for most businesses these days. A small percentage of consumers actually carry around cash to pay for their goods and services, so it is important that a company have the capability to do credit card processing. Companies gain this privilege via a merchant account. Merchant accounts are granted by banks or merchant processors. There are a number of factors involved when a bank or merchant processor determines if they will approve your application for a merchant account. These factors include the profitability of your organization, personal credit, tax liens, certain business types, and many other factors can put your company in the high risk category.

When a business does not have a clean record or serve certain industries, they are considered to be high risk, and oftentimes, they will not be approved for a merchant account. However, if they are approved they will fall under the stipulations used for high risk accounts. Although your company will pay higher processing fees and setup fees, it is still worth it to get a high risk merchant account. The positives will definitely outweigh the negatives. The ability to accept credit and debit cards is perhaps the most important benefit. Consumers simply buy goods and services using a credit or debit card, so if you don’t have credit card processing capabilities, your business will most likely suffer greatly.

Banks and merchant processors will do their homework before approving a merchant account. There are huge risks associated with a merchant account approval, so it will generally take even longer for a high risk business to obtain a high risk merchant account. All things will be considered, personal credit, tax liens, profitability, credit history , and the nature of the business. The banks and business processors must determine the terms of the partnership with your organization. Although your business might fall in the high risk category, it is still important to do your due diligence. All merchant accounts are not the same, and it is important to get the best deal possible. The bottom line is always the most important thing in a business, so choose your merchant account provider carefully.

It is important to choose a merchant account provider that will charge a reasonable fee while providing quality service for your customers. Reading other customer reviews can be a good way to choose a company to provide you with a solid merchant account.

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